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Haunted Lives Paranormal - This ring is for all sites paranormal, dark, or spooky. Our interests include; ghosts, hauntings, the unexplained, horro

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Haunted Lives Paranormal

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This ring is for all sites paranormal, dark, or spooky. Our interests include; ghosts, hauntings, the unexplained, horror movies and books, Nightmares and Dreams, and Sites weird and strange.... If you fall in this catagory...JOIN US!!!!


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   Ghostly Places Preview Go
Fresh, original content gathered by Naval Directorate of Ghostly Affairs. Join us as we search for the truth in the world of the paranormal.
   Skeptical and funny view on the paranormal Preview Go
Paranormal Discord is a skeptical and funny view on the paranormal. View our discord on the paranormal as we show what its really like and promptly make fun of it
   With Two Girlfriends Preview Go
Intriguing novel about a college man who lives with two beautiful women. The sex is very good, but otherwise they treat him very badly. One day he finds a book of strange tales about sexual captvity in the Nineteenth Century. Each morning as he reads another of the stories, the solution to his problem begins to take shape. A mixture of light and darkness, pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow. For mature communities. Involves sexual captivity, torture, psychiatry, medicine, forensics, existentialism, and libertine lifestyles.

   Strange Phenomena Preview Go
True stories very far from daily life. Extraordinary, often frightening, phenomena observed by the author or credible friends. Ghosts, Elves, Faeries, Ogres, Trolls, Werewolves, Sasquatch, strange abilities, Salem Witch Trials, Reaper close at hand, dire ski adventures, Gothic horror, murder, diabolical justice, how to shrink heads, flying saucers, unexplained physics.
   Ghost Research International Preview Go
A site dedicated to the serious study of ghostly occurrences with the aim of collecting, documenting and analysing data with a professional, scientific approach.
   A Demon's Destiny Preview Go
A place where demons dwell and fear surrounds, a dark place, a creepy place, a place where evil feels at home.
   Amazing Anomalies Preview Go
Hunting for Ghosts? Searching for a haunting experience? Something strange and bizarre perhaps?

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