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Amazing Theoreticalphysics - Think creatively and find the wonder of nature.

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Amazing Theoreticalphysics

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Think creatively and find the wonder of nature.

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   A New Theory & Model of the Photon Preview Go
A new theory set forth by Dr. Jim Lawler seeks to solve the many problems with current quantum theories. His model for sub-atomic particles and space-time is a whole new paradigm, and the photon is defined as being not one particle or a wave, but two smaller particles in orbit.
   Nano-Nova.com: Nanotechnology and the Singularity Preview Go
John Pierce's personal web site. Dedicated to promoting awareness of Nanotechnology and the Singularity.Resume, dating profile, and personal interests, too!
   a Theory of Everything Site Preview Go
FREE science e- books - - Rhodes Scholar, theoretical physicist Ph.D. Milo Wolff discusses the Quantum universe and WSM (Wave Structure of Matter).

   Universal Relativity Preview Go
Theory of Everything. Shrinking Theory of the universe and Universal Relativity. The consequences of the relativity of the speed of light and the relativity of : speed, distance, size, mass, time, etc. Putting Einstein's theories back into question.
   The Relative Histories Formulation of Quantum Mechanics Preview Go
The RHF is a novel formulation of quantum mechanics (QM) that offers a constellation of interpretational advantages not apparent in any other existing formulation or interpretation of QM.
   Dark Matter Waves Preview Go
Dark Matter, What is Dark Matter, Dr. Wagner's research on Dark Matter, Dark Matter Waves, Dark Matter in Space.

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